Retiring Deputy Gerald Brooks, a True Community Hero

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To promote authentic community security, Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 249 (HCMUD 249, the District) has funded the contract with the Harris County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) since 2002. Throughout that time, the deputies that patrol this area have provided excellent protection and service. For one such Officer, this sentiment is especially true.

For the last 12 years, Deputy Gerald Brooks has faithfully served the Spring Lakes and Spring Falls communities. During that time, he has made sincere efforts to get to know the residents, becoming as family to many in the community. As part of his dedication to keeping families and children safe, he led a school bus safety initiative. Keeping a watchful eye on the school bus drop off and pick up, his efforts have become the standard within the community patrol. This year, he will retire from the HCSO, having truly contributed to the residents of HCMUD 249.

According to Sergeant Jason Naranjo of the HCSO, "Deputy Gerald Brooks played football for and graduated from Cleveland High School. As a veteran of the United States Army, he set the example for one of his sons to follow his footsteps to service in the Army as well. During his sons' time in grade school, he volunteered as a coach for their school. Though grown, many children that attended that school still call him "Coach". Having proudly served his nation and the citizens of Harris County, he is well known in the community."

A true community hero, Deputy Gerald Brooks has a long and admirable history. Sergeant Albert Ashworth (HCSO) offered some insight into that story.

"Deputy Gerald Brooks started his career with the Harris County Sheriff's Office in 1991. Prior to his career with the Sheriff's Office, he served his country for four years in the United States Army. Not sure what he wanted to do, he left the military and worked for the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC) for two years.

After two years with TDC, Deputy Brooks realized he was meant to be a Peace Officer. He applied and was hired by the Harris County Sheriff's Office in September 1991 as a Detention Officer. Having attended the Law Enforcement Academy at the University of Houston, he graduated in July 1993 and returned to work as a Detention Deputy.

Beginning his law enforcement career in 2001, Deputy Brooks patrolled the area of District 2. Deputy Brooks worked as a patrolman until he bid for the Spring Lakes contract in 2009. Though he did not begin his patrol years with HCMUD 249, he got there as soon as he could. He has now spent the last 12 years honorably serving the Spring Lakes Community.

During his career, Deputy Brooks has received his Master Peace Officer certification. Additionally, he has been nominated for and received Deputy of the Month honors.

After 30 years, Deputy Brooks will retire in September 2021. He will begin the next phase of his life with his loving wife of 36 years, Charlotte."

Deputy Brooks truly made an impact on those who know him. His fellow officer, Deputy Joe Whitley had this to say of him.

"Hi, my name is Deputy Joe Whitley with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. I am currently assigned as a Contract Unit for the Spring Lakes subdivision in Spring. I have been in Spring Lakes since 2016. I am now in my 14th year with the department (hired in 2008).

When I was a rookie Deputy back in 2010, yes, I hired on at an older age (45), there were only a handful of deputies that could see me for who I was and not like I was an outsider looking in. Deputy Gerald Brooks was one of those deputies. As we responded to calls for service, we got to know each other more and more. We realized we had more in common because we are close in age and had great conversations about our past and daily lives. We both played high school football (he continued on in college though); and both had similar roles on the team.

This is when we found out that we were both lifelong, die-hard Dallas Cowboys football fans. And when I mean die-hard, I mean grew up as kids Cowboys fans; wear their jerseys on Sunday fans.

When I was a District unit on patrol, I couldn't ask for a better partner. If I responded to a call for service that required a backup unit, I didn't have to ask, he was already on his way. I remember one call in particular; an "In Progress" burglary of a habitation, meaning the burglary was happening as the call came in. When we arrived on scene, the suspects had already left, and the homeowner was there talking to us. Within a couple of minutes on scene, another "In Progress" burglary call came in, in the same neighborhood and Brooks and I jumped into action and responded immediately. When we arrived, we observed two suspects run out the back door and jump the back fence to the next street. We raced over to the next street and took one of the two suspects in custody and recovered items from the residence. I never once had to worry if I had backup. And where I went, he was shoulder to shoulder with me. Oh! and by the way, we were awarded "Deputies Of The Month" for our efforts and our names on a plaque at the station.

When I came to Spring Lakes, Gerald showed me around and advised me on what needed attention and what was required. He was thrilled that I had moved from being a District unit to a Contract unit in his Contract. Gerald knew the Contract and its residents; his knowledge and experience didn't surprise me. When we made contact with residents, absolutely no one had a bad experience, he treated everyone with courtesy and respect. Residents that I talked to always liked Gerald and would ask where he was.

When I think of Gerald, I think of a great Sheriff's Office employee; what a law enforcement officer really looks like; a wonderful family man and father; a man of God; and a true friend.

For this city boy (me) working with this country boy (Gerald), I'd say we hit it off well.

I wish Gerald all the best in his retirement and new life."

HCMUD 249 Director Norman Adamek offered his accolades as well, "Deputy Gerald Brooks has treated our residents with the utmost respect and empathy. He has shown great interest in the youth of our community. For some of us in the Spring Lakes and Spring Falls subdivisions, we have seen Deputy Brooks bring stability to tense situations and protect us from those who meant to harm us. I remember the first day that I met Deputy Brooks. He combined professionalism with a positive attitude and a wonderful smile. He shared goals and made solid suggestions. Gerald has shown excellent leadership as the patrol contract has expanded to include 5 deputies. We express our sincere appreciation to Deputy Gerald Brooks."

The Board of Directors for HCMUD 249 is truly grateful for the years of service provided by Deputy Brooks. His commitment to this community and the example he has set will leave a legacy for years to come. Thank you to Deputy Gerald Brooks for your sincerity, devotion, and honorable service. Though best wishes for the next chapter of your life abound, you will be greatly missed!

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