Trash and Recycle collection will continue as usual

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Update from Best Trash

Due to the ongoing pandemic, limitations have been put in place to help with the increased volume of trash. Please have your trash in a container between 30-50 gallons in size. If you have more than what can fit inside your personal trashcan, please place no more than 5 trash bags (not heavier than 40 lbs.) on the ground next to the trashcan. The BEST TRASH recycle container is not an extra trash container and will not be emptied as such.

As a reminder, all loose trash must be bagged but larger bulky items can be collected as is either service day. Please limit the larger bulky item to one per collection day.

The 5 extra bags can include household waste or yard waste. Guidelines for tree limbs are 4 inches in diameter, no longer than 4 feet and tied and bundled not heavier than 40 lbs. We are asking that you place no more than 5 tied bundles at the curb each collection day.

Due to extra volumes, trash is extremely heavy, and our crews are making every effort to finish the route before Landfills close. Please be patient as we are doing our best to get trash collected.

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