HCMUD 249: How to Read Your Bill

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As Residents of Harris County Municipal Utility District 249 (HCMUD 249), the Board wants to better serve you by helping you understand and read your monthly water bill.

HCMUD 249 contracts with EDP (Operator) to manage their facilities and handle the billing process for services. In partnership with EDP, it is the District’s goal to make sure reading your bill and paying for your water service is as simple as possible.

There are twenty one information components displayed on your monthly water bill:

  1. Your account number
  2. Date bill is mailed, about 1 week after meter read date
  3. Dates your meter was read
  4. Security Code; used for Customer Portal set up
  5. Meter serial number
  6. Your service address
  7. Prior reading at end of last billing cycle
  8. Current reading at end of billing cycle
  9. Number of gallons used in 1,000’s
  10. Your Districts’ residential average water use
  11. 13-month water usage history
  12. Previous month’s payment info
  13. Water charges
  14. Sewer charges, includes trash & recycling
  15. North Harris County Regional Authority, pass through mandate by State of Texas. See www.NHCRWA.org for additional info.
  16. Total current bill amount
  17. Total amount due
  18. Total due if received after due date, includes late fee
  19. Important messages from your MUD 249 District
  20. MUD 249’s Operator, EDP, address
  21. Mail payments to this address or sign up for auto pay here.

Sample Bill

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