HCMUD 249 completes repairs on Lemm Gully drainage channel

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Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 249’s Board of Directors understands resident concerns regarding drainage and flooding. Severe storms can cause damage to drainage channels and other facilities that, if not repaired, can make them less effective during heavy rains. That is why, in the wake of Tropical Storm Imelda, the Board authorized repairs to be completed to Lemm Gully, one of the main channels carrying water away from the District.

Storm Water Solutions, the District’s stormwater management consultant, completed repairs to the gully in September and October. Erosion to the slopes of the gully was repaired to bring the channel back to its original design specifications.

“The erosion was a concern because it began to affect the structural integrity of the channel side slopes and the outfall pipes which drain water from the neighborhood streets,” said Blake Kridel of Storm Water Solutions.

The previously eroded areas were then reinforced with heavy rocks known as rip rap to prevent future erosion, according to Kridel. More than 300 tons of rip rap were placed to ensure the stability of the drainage infrastructure. Storm Water Solutions inspects and maintains the District’s drainage facilities on a monthly basis to ensure they are functioning properly.

The repairs to Lemm Gully are just one aspect of what the District is doing to help mitigate flood risks in our District. Keep an eye on this website for more information as the District’s Board of Directors continues to examine additional options for drainage improvements to help prevent flooding in our community.

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HC249 Repair Map

Repairs were recently made to Lemm Gully in areas 3 and 4, noted here on this map. The District is currently examining the need for any repairs or improvements to drainage infrastructure in the MUD’s borders.

HCMUD 249 6

Repairs to the slope of the drainage channel as shown in this picture help water move into the channel as originally designed.

HCMUD 249 2

Laying rip rap - large stones in this instance - around outlet pipes into the channel helps to prevent silt from settling near the pipes so water may flow freely out of the District’s drainage infrastructure.

HCMUD 249 3

Rip rap is quite heavy and not as easily eroded as smaller soil particles, which helps to keep drainage channels as close to original design specifications as possible.