Regional water authority surcharges to increase in April

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While Harris County MUD 249 continues to keep monthly water rates as low as possible, residents of the district will see an increase in their water bill totals after April 1, 2019. The district is subject to groundwater surcharges imposed by the North Harris County Regional Water Authority.

Those NHCRWA surcharges will increase from $3.40 per thousand gallons of groundwater pumped to $3.85 per thousand gallons of groundwater beginning in April.

Regional Water Authority surcharges represented an average of 41 percent of residents’ water bills over the last year. In comparison, district water fees could account for 30 percent of total water billing and sewer services only 28 percent.

HCMUD 249 residents are encouraged to conserve water and visit the links below for information that will help them control their water usage and reduce their overall bills.

HCMUD 249 Water Rate information:
Water conservation and bill reduction:
North Harris County Regional Water Authority overview:

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