District partners with Trees for Houston for community enhancements

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Residents of Harris County MUD 249 may have seen crews planting saplings throughout the district in mid-February. The planting is part of the district’s ongoing efforts to maintain the area’s natural beauty and continue supporting Spring’s history as a forested part of East Texas and part of the lumber industry, said HCMUD 249 Director Norman Adamek.

rows of planted trees along median

“One of the goals of the HCMUD 249 board is to help maintain the natural look of Spring, Texas,” Adamek said. “We consider the natural flora and fauna to be an asset that distinguishes our community from the plethora of developments to the south and west of Houston.”

The trees were provided at no cost through HCMUD 249’s ongoing partnership with Trees for Houston, said Michael Murr of Murr Incorporated; the new saplings include many Southern Wax Myrtles, as well as a variety of oak, elm, and pine. Murr Inc. planted the trees for the district as part of their ongoing services as HCMUD 249’s landscape design firm.

“Trees of Houston deserves the credit for the extended re-forestation project that continues to this day,” Adamek said. “In the last few years, the donated trees have been used for the median landscaping along Lexington, and to establish a plant barrier between the Spring Lakes neighborhood and [nearby apartments].”

Murr said recent wet weather would help the new plants get off to a great start.

a young tree

“This is the best time to plant the trees and we got plenty of water to them naturally after they were planted,” Murr said.

According to TreePeople.org, a well-forested neighborhood can increase home values by as much as 15%. Additional benefits include shade during hot Texas summers, cleaner air and keeping necessary eyesores like power boxes and other infrastructure out of sight.

Since the program began more than three years ago, the district has planted more than 600 trees in the community.

“Trees provide beauty, power saving shade, and privacy,” Adamek said. “Planting trees is good for our property values and good for the environment.”

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